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Ea Cricket 2019 For Android

For all the excited gamers, the latest version will include top T20 leagues such as Indian Premier League and the Big Bash League along with various other feature.
“The game will be distinctly different from the previous editions, and will include a narrative similar to The Journey, where a budding player will begin his career in a country of his choice. All domestic competitions including Big Bash, Indian Premier League (IPL) will also be included,” quoted the source.
The multi-million dollar game distributor further stated that would want to ensure that they do not repeat their mistakes ten years back and would only go ahead only after proper licensing.
“We are currently talking to all parties who can help us acquire these rights. For the India deal, we have an office in Hyderabad which is coordinating this matter. As I said, it’s very important for us to get the player rights, only then will we move forward. EA doesn’t want a repeat of 2007,” remarked the source.

But, CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson further believed that the move can only go ahead only if the sub-continental boards cooperate with the firm. “Andrew strongly believes that the governing body in the sub-continent have to be supportive of the game. Hence, we are currently attempting to figure that out,” concluded the anonymous source

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