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Rohit Sharama Offical Cricket Game

An epic game for the genuinely enthusiastic fanatics of Cricket everywhere throughout the world!

The quintessential round of Cricket is going to observe the most extreme change since the time the coming of present day ODI and T-20 Cricket arranges on portable gaming stage with EPIC Cricket!

Moong Labs is pleased to introduce "EPIC Cricket – Big League Game" worked for the really energetic fanatics of Cricket match-up everywhere throughout the world!

We have created EPIC Cricket in view of one and only one target, for example to satisfy the wants of the a huge number of devotees of the game to have the most complete and vivid experience of playing Cricket on versatile stage more than ever.

The group behind the game has conveyed complex calculations and procedures to assemble an incredibly practical encounter that will leave an enduring impact on gamer's visual and sound-related faculties.


+ HD quality visuals with life-like universal players

+ Full match live critique

+ Full collection of present day batting and bowling styles (from turn around clear to helicopter shot, and googly to doosra)

+ Players with coordinating abilities to worldwide stars

+ All significant Cricket playing countries

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