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Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu

An undertaking, puzzle, fight game.Capture and train monsters,challenge mentors.

★★★Monster Storm2 Version Features★★★

1. This variant will include a one of a kind legendary monster(Unicorn).

2. So as to effectively catch the Unicorn, we will add new missions to direct.

3. Add better approaches to compensate precious stones.

4. Including a fortunate store makes it simpler for players to purchase more things.


Interesting experience games, level riddles, beast fights, ability systems, and so on.

Take your beast balls to get the beast on your experiences.

Challenge and gather Mythical beasts, rout all the Gym Leaders and become title holders. These are our fantasies.

This insidious scoundrel will catch beasts for experimentation, and we should stop their insane plans once more.

Let us develop with the beast until it arrives at super advancement. Welcome to download understanding!

- - Details -

Beast Storm2 is a RPG game with components of system and beast mentor.

To turn into the best beast mentor in Monster Storm2, players need to travel everywhere throughout the world, catch huge amounts of ground-breaking beasts and appreciate this magnificent journey.Explore the world to catch and train your definitive beast unit.


Beast Type System

Beast Storm2 depends on beast fights. Beasts have various sorts that have the two qualities and shortcomings. To prepare diverse beast as per interests and procedures is the pith of this game.
【Main Story】

The major part in the game fantasies about turning into a ground-breaking beast coach. There are numerous primary missions on the experience street to enable his beasts to improve their experience. Simultaneously, numerous mentors will challenge them. The lowlifess that show up in this rendition catch countless beasts to test and loot their vitality to make a definitive weapon to wreck the world. The hero and the doctoral partner will unite to vanquish the miscreant's insane arrangement, salvage the caught beasts and annihilation the scalawag chief.

【Various Skill Combinations】

Expertise is the way in to each fight. Every beast learns various abilities as it develops and different aptitude blends make the game intriguing.

【Send Monster To Friend】

Send and get beasts between companions.

【Unique Mechanism】

Component System: Unlock the instrument to challenge Gym Leaders.

【Original Scenes】

Players can appreciate the fight, side of the road blossoms and delightful sky while going through the world.

【Interetsing Puzzles】

Game Hall System: Play riddles and trade awards with coupons.

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