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Dragon City

Monster City follows players to raise their own mythical serpents and plan a city brimming with mythical beasts on skimming islands. Gold delivered by winged serpents that can be utilized to purchase and overhaul structures and living spaces (environments can be likewise redesigned with essential tokens at later levels). The homesteads trade gold for food (they look like tomatoes), which can be utilized to step up mythical beasts that develop them, improve quality (wellbeing and force) contingent upon the monster's extraordinariness, and increment gold creation. Rearing permits two level 4 or more mythical serpents to deliver a crossover monster or an incredible mythical serpent. Diamonds are the top notch cash that can be gathered by means of in-application buys; and by different assignments for gathering Gems. 

Fields, Leagues, and Quests are various types of fights where one of three player's mythical serpents battle one of th ree rival's monsters. When in the fight, winged serpents can have a capacity for solid harm (however can likewise have powerless or no harm, just as expected harm), contingent upon the mythical beast components. Classes permit you to utilize any mix of winged serpents, including just a couple of, expecting they have reached in any event level 4. Likewise, Arenas and Quests may have additional necessities, for example, components or extraordinariness. 

When a player has arrived at the player level 27, the Ancient World shows up, which is a region of the game where the gold can be traded for gems (ruby, sapphire, topaz, emerald, onyx, jewel) which can be gathered from mines that can be utilized to call old monsters. The creating station used to make precious stones identical to the current gem with various crude gems an d recently made gems utilizing platinum. Platinum is created by the antiquated winged serpents comparatively to how the standard mythical beasts produce gold. 

As of October 2020, there are 1,393 winged serpents made out of fundamental monster components Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, Pure, Legendary, Primal, and Wind, while antiquated mythical beast components are Beauty, Chaos, Magic, Dream, Soul, and Happy; there are nine watchman mythical serpents (one pinnacle for every island for islands 1 to 9) used to help the parts of the whole game; and there are 18 old mythical serpents in the Ancient World.

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