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The headquarters enables the player to advance in the game. In the camp you can plan dishes to pull in new Pokémon, set up designs for different impacts, and get new Pokémon that visit the campground once at regular intervals. There is likewise a Poké Mart that permit the player to buy DLC Packs, Decorations and Box Expansions. Players can likewise guarantee 50 PM Tickets (game's cash) like clockwork, where the sum a player get can increment with the acquisition of DLC Packs. PM Tickets are utilized to buy Decorations and Box Expansions, just as in a split second finishing a dish and energizing the energy for Expeditions. 

Expeditions Edit 

The player's group needs to clear the island from wild Pokémon. To do this, players need to experience 12 areas, each with 3 to 7 levels. For each level players can raise to three Pokémon with them. Pokémon can assault as well as utilize uncommon assaulting or guarded moves. Altogether, the game has 167 novel movesets dispersed so that each Pokémon has from 2 to 11 exceptional moves.[3] After utilizing an extraordinary move the Pokémon needs to stand by a couple of moments (contingent upon the move used) to reestablish it. During this time it can just utilize ordinary assaults. Each level's finishing opens admittance to the following level in the area. 

Getting new Pokémon Edit 

Players can draw in new Pokémon by getting ready food. For this, there is a cooking pot in the headquarters. Contingent upon the fixings, one of the 18 potential dishes will be cooked. Various dishes approach Pokémon of various kinds. Fixings are gotten essentially from undertakings, however 

it can likewise be acquired from reusing unused Power Stones. Fixings are characterized by their shading, hardness, type and extraordinariness. More uncommon Pokémon are pulled in to dishes that utilization uncommon fixings. The cooking pot utilized decides the reward details and the degree of Pokémon that it pulls in, where the better the pot utilized the more fixings it needs to use to cook

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