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Rouge Heist


One of a kind, Fast-Paced 5v5 Heist and 10 Player Brawl Modes 

Welcome to Rogue Heist, an exceptional, serious yet fun third individual shooter game that changes the manner in which you generally took a gander at a Heist. This time it's a two-sided story, the two sides looking at a similar plunder and that is the place the activity lies. You collaborate with your group in a 5v5 Heist Mode to encounter some adrenaline siphoning matches. 

The USP: each match i s extraordinary and one of a kind since no one can really tell what methodology your rival has got running against you; so possibly you need to pro from the earliest starting point or make a decent attempt making up for lost time. 

Fight with your team or go solo to encounter other game modes since playing is a lot simpler than acing. With 8 pros to open and a completely stacked store; you have the occasion to arrive at the ROGUE level! 

Heist Mode 

An exceptional Heist Mode where both the groups are competing for similar targ et in a progression of functions to come out as a champ. Technique and cooperation are generally searched after abilities for this mode. 


Every player enters as an independent rivalry to move the biggest virtual total to his record in the game. With each other player as a rival, you got the opportunity to pick between enduring or gambling to plunder everything. Relentless yet activity pressed; the greatest stealer wins. 

Group War 

It's the all weapons out mode. Retribution perhaps; your pack Vs the adversary group. The opposition to either have more kills following a clock of 7 minutes closures or arrive at a sum of 50 kills first; wins. 


☆ Team up for constant 5v5 fights 

☆ 8 open capable pros 

☆ New day by day difficulties to make the game additionally compensa ting for players 

☆ Deep movement framework 

☆ Climb to the head of the pioneer sheets to enter higher groups 

☆ Customize your master with striking skins 

☆ Fully stacked store to purchase character and firearm skins and acts out 

☆ Constantly developing, with an arranged guide for new pros, weapon and character skins, authority abilities, maps and more

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