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V. 3.5.180 Spins Coins Master

Welcome to Coin Kingdom, experience the worldwide assaults and attacks your companions

Play with your Facebook companions and a huge number of players around the globe, in assaults, twists and attacks, to fabricate your Kingdom to the top!

Turn to win your fortunes for building and weapons to crush other players' realms.

Win your coins and fabricate solid realms in the game and climb towards more significant levels. Win shields to monitor your realm from different rulers attempting to break it. To be the Coin King with the most grounded realm and the most fortunes!

** Attack and Raid different players! **

Assault or strike companions and get enough coins to construct your realm. Retaliate and come out successful against your adversaries. Deliver retribution on the individuals who have assaulted your realm and take what's legitimately yours!

** Play minimal easygoing games! **

There are many test little games for you to get more rewards.

Like jigsaw ,you can exchange your jigsaw pieces with companions to gather them for a major fortune!

** Hire a worker to support you! **

You can recruit a worker to strike more fortunes. The worker will likewise assist you with protecting assaulting and procure more coins from turns!

★Coin Kingdom is free on all gadgets.

★Play with a great many players around the world!

★Battle your approach to be the following Coin King with your companions.

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