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Interminable Cricket fun with Little Singham! 

The most youthful supercop of Mirchinagar is back. This time, you will be in his group and play the most cherished game in the nation - Cricket! 

Hitting the ball out of the arena is previously. Bat as meager Singham to hit the ball out of Mirchinagar. Hit it directly to break all the Billboards and time it consummately for additional force. The further you hit, the more coins you procure. 

There are catalysts like Ball Fly, Power and Ball Bounce that assist you with hitting the ball considerably farther. Utilize the coins to overhaul your catalysts and break every one of your records. The no. of Diamonds that a ball hits across it's flight is gathered everytime. Precious stones can likewise be procured by finishing difficulties. 

Decide to play as companions of Little Singham - Chikki, Lattu, Babli, Hawaldar Karate, Inspector Kavya and some more; or play against his adversaries. You can open the characters with the assistance of precious stones that you gather. 

That is not it. You likewise have a ton of Bats and Balls to browse. Each level-up procures you another Bat. You need prizes that you win after clearing difficulties to open new Balls. 

So join Little Singham's group to take the strike and crush the balls past Mirchinagar. Plan for some interminable cricket fun! 

Hit hard or return home! 

- The game is additionally upgraded for tablet gadgets. 

- This game is totally allowed to download and play. In any case, some game things can be bought with genuine cash inside the game. You can limit in-application buys in your store's settings. 

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