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Updated Cloud Game! Unlimited Time 2020 - cricket 19


Most Advanced Passive Multiplayer Cricket Game GCL Mega Update is LIVE NOW!Warm-up for the Ultimate Game of Cricket with GodSpeed Cricket League. The Most Advanced 3D Mobile Cricket Game with Realistic Animations made utilizing Motion Capture Technology that will Bring Back the Real-Life Cricketing Experience. 

Energizing Realistic Batting Shots and Animations with 360° Batting. New shots like Inside/Outside Edge, Helicopter Shot, Flick Shot, Scoop Shot, and Lofted Drive are a couple among numerous others. Practical Bowling with exact game material science. New Realistic Bowling Animations Added.Smart and Challenging AI rival, Game Scenarios Challenges with Real Situations and a Lot More Amazing Features Which Makes You Chose Cricket League GCL over some other Mobile Cricket Game in Play Store. 

Play with Random Players and Proceed Past your Opponents with T20 Cricket Style of Big Shots. Top of the line 3D illustrations for Shots, Fielding Animations, Cut-Scenes, Bowling Animations, and Stadiums.Complete 360 degrees for shot determination. 

There is bounty to appreciate in the game. Overhaul your group to have legends of the interactivity for you in your group as you go up against different groups. Improved Card System that will take your interactivity to the following level. 

With occasions like World Cup, IPL Cricket Championship, Cricket League and Score Challenges You Will Never Get Bored Again.Features include: 

Pristine Batting Shots, Bowling, Fielding and Other Animations.Seamless 360° Batting.Ability to Play the Premier League with 3 Different Teams simultaneously. Genuine Jersey for Premier League. Godspeed Cricket Scenarios, Now with Retry Option.New Leaderboard, Global and League.A New and Improved Bowling System and Net Practice. Group and Score Events.Challenging AI Opponent.Over 1700+ Playing Cards to Choose From to Build Your Ultimate Team. Positioned Quick Matches. Play with Friends and Challenge Them with Your Team. Player Vs Player Mode in Quick Match. Play with Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary Cards.Over 250+ Motion Captured Animations.Offline Score Mode with Country versus Country Playability.Net Practice to Hone Your Skills.Advanced Fielding AI to Catch the Ball with Improved Fielding Animation 

New Features: Brand new batting framework never experienced before.Brand New Motion Captured Fielding behavior.New Skin Tone.Better Physique.New and Realistic Faces. Heaps of Cricketing Moments.Whole new expansion of Shots. Movement Captured Bowling Animations.Improved Batting and Bowling controls.Detailed Card Attributes and further developed. Added Player adornments, for example, towel, goggle, wrist band and so forth Different in-game Camera Angles for Better View.Brand New Hindi and English Commentary. New Menu Screen Backgrounds.New Music, SFX


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