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Football is a group of group activities that include, to shifting degrees, kicking a ball to score an objective. Inadequate, the word football ordinarily implies the type of football that is the most mainstream where the word is utilized. Sports generally called football incorporate affiliation football (known as soccer in certain nations); turf football (explicitly American football or Canadian football); Australian principles football; rugby football (either rugby association or rugby alliance); and Gaelic football.These different types of football offer to changing degree basic sources and are known as football codes

There are various references to conventional, old, or ancient ball games played in a wide range of parts of the world.Contemporary codes of football can be followed back to the codification of these games at English government funded schools during the nineteenth century.The extension and social impact of the British Empire permitted these principles of football to spread to regions of British impact outside the straightforwardly controlled Empire.By the finish of the nineteenth century, unmistakable territorial codes were at that point creating: Gaelic football, for instance, purposely fused the standards of neighborhood customary football match-ups to keep up their heritage.In 1888, The Football League was established in England, turning into the first of numerous expert football rivalries. During the twentieth century, a few of the different sorts of football developed to turn out to be the absolute most mainstream group activities on the planet. 

The different codes of football share certain basic components and can be assembled into two principle classes of football: conveying codes like American football, Canadian football, Australian football, rugby association and rugby group, where the ball is moved about the field while being held in the hands or tossed, and kicking codes, for example, Association football and Gaelic football, where the ball is moved principally with the feet, and where taking care of is carefully limited.There are clashing clarifications of the beginning of "football". It is broadly expected that "football" (or the expression "foot ball") alludes to the activity of the foot kicking a ball.There is an elective clarification, which is that football initially alluded to an assortment of games in middle age Europe, which were played by walking. There is no definitive proof for one or the other clarification. 

On the Australian landmass a few clans of native individuals played kicking and getting games with stuffed balls which have been summed up by students of history as Marn Grook (Djab Wurrung for "game ball"). The soonest authentic record is a story from the 1878 book by Robert Brough-Smyth, The Aborigines of Victoria, where a man called Richard Thomas is cited as saying, in around 1841 in Victoria, Australia, that he had seen Aboriginal individuals playing the game: "Mr Thomas depicts how the premier player will drop kick a ball produced using the skin of a possum and how different players jump into the air to get it." Some antiquarians have hypothesized that Marn Grook was one of the causes of Australian guidelines football.The Māori in New Zealand played a game called Ki-o-rahi comprising of groups of seven players play on a roundabout field partitioned into zones, and score focuses by contacting the 'pou' (limit markers) and hitting a focal 'tupu' or target.These games and others may well go far once again into artifact. Be that as it may, the principle wellsprings of present day football codes seem to lie in western Europe, particularly England.

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