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Shadow is the fundamental foe and last supervisor of Shadow Fight 3. A remarkable person, he was at one time a regarded saint, before he assaulted the Dynasty and Heralds Dome, annihilating everything to the ground. Presently, he has become a malevolent despot who is despised by each and every individual who endured due to his deeds. Shadow plans to make the reality where the late May is fit as a fiddle, by killing the current one and shaping another one on its ashes.Shadow shows up as a strong man with dark hair, which is tied in a bun. He wears a long dark jeans. There are long white gauzes tied on every one of his hands and feet. He has numerous scars on his body, which are the consequence of his numerous battles with different rivals. 

Toward the finish of his long experience, Shadow started an upbeat existence with May, the lady he cherished. Yet, everything changed when their youngster was conceived. From May's sickness, Shadow discovered that the child brought along a conscious substance of unadulterated shadow energy known as Shadow Mind. Shadow promptly assaulted trying to kill Shadow Mind, making the last bring shadow monsters called Scourge to secure May and probably, the child. Simultaneously, Shadow coincidentally murdered May. While the infant and Shadow Mind are the solitary ones who endure. Feeling extraordinary pity and wrath over losing May, Shadow would not concede his slip-up and promised to demolish Shadow Mind. Nonetheless, he could just part the element from the infant and detain it inside a glass circle. It is then accepted that the youngster was dead before they were even conceived. Indeed, the youngster is as yet alive, and Shadow detests his own kid such a lot of that he will promptly execute them on sight.Moira, a nearby princess, contacted the Sphere and she got contaminated with the Scourge and built up a curiously solid fondness to shadow energy and Shadow Mind. Shadow attempted to save the young lady's life and took her to Bolo for a fix, without any result. Eventually, Shadow removed Moira to an island a long way from where she lived previously. In the event that Moira remains in this island, the Scourge can't contact her, and Shadow advised Moira to never leave the island. He additionally made some kind of bots called Defenders to watch Moira from leaving the island. 

Quite a while had passed, and regardless of what Shadow attempted, each endeavor to destory Shadow Mind had fizzled. It was normal, Shadow was a fighter, not a researcher. Shadow started killing the shadow monsters of Shadow Mind, which procured him the admiration of local people, and he was hailed as a legend. Thusly, local people acquired his contempt towards Shadow Mind, thus the Legion was conceived. At some point, Shadow took the most grounded Legionaries with him and began his quest for an unbelievable shadow blade, which was had a place with a sovereign of a neighboring area. The ruler didn't comply with the strangers, and vanquished the Legionaries in a battle. Shadow saw the battle and calculated that this able country may sort out some way to slaughter Shadow Mind. Shadow requested that the ruler's dad help him study the Sphere. The Sphere Temple was worked to keep the Sphere, and afterward three people are picked to explore the Sphere and figure out how to obliterate it, who are known as The Three Arrows.Shadow at that point took Galen, The Second Arrow, under his tutelage. At the point when Galen discovered the capability of the Sphere and persuaded the Emperor to protect the Sphere, Shadow was extremely furious and baffled. This transformed Shadow into the foe of Dynasty and made him head out in different directions with Galen. 

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After Bolo disclosed to Shadow that Shadow Mind can't be annihilated yet has the ability to pulverize the world and make another one, he deserted his objective to end Shadow Mind and rather set another objective of reviving May. He experienced May's grave, which is an entrance into what's to come. Rising up out of May's grave numerous years into the future, Shadow found out about the model of the Accelerator Core concocted by the Heralds. The Accelerator is a gadget that could shape reality outward into the entire world by quickening shadow energy particles, subsequently the name. It can part shadow particles, which brings about a blast. There are bounties of shadow energy around, so parting shadow energy of such scale will cause mass demolition. With this information, Shadow intends to begin a Cleansing, to reproduce the entire world utilizing the Accelerator, making another one where May could be alive and well.Shadow immediatelly holds onto the Legion seat from its ebb and flow ruler, Queen Iolanda. Under his rule, the Legion changes radically. The Fortress has been changed into a digital military fortification, with guns and rockets all over. Shadow bots are turning out to be normal things among the Fortress, and the Legionaries energetically began utilizing shadow energy, to where they become capable at it. 

With the Legion under his hand, Shadow continues to wreck the Lands of Dynasty. Numerous towns are annihilated to the ground, endless Dynastians passed on, and some are absent. The once prosper Lands of Dynasty is currently transformed into remnants and badlands. Wanderers are the solitary things left of the Dynasty, which are effectively pursued by the Legion's Erasers. Shadow's intention in commiting Dynasty annihilation isn't clarified, in spite of the fact that he considers them as his foes after The Three Arrows double-crossed him.

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