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Wcc3 Everything By Akhtiar Gaming Starji V1.1.6


WCC3 is a cutting edge spin-off of the World's No. 1 versatile cricket match-up - World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2), the most downloaded and granted game. WCC3 takes the energy of authenticity in versatile cricket a step higher with bleeding edge interactivity highlights, pristine controls, multiplayer highlights, proficient analysis, energizing movements, constant movement catch of expert cricketers, and progressed AI.WCC3 is a fresh out of the plastic better approach to play portable cricket. The most practical cricket match-up on a telephone! We will continually add new highlights and change the game to make it the best versatile cricket gaming experience you can have anywhere.WCC3 is a game by cricket sweethearts for cricket darlings! Get inundated completely into the soul of cricket! 

Many fresh out of the plastic new full movement caught cricket activities of batting, bowling and fielding.Professional critique from Australian cricket legend Matthew Hayden and India's famous cricketer and top reporter Aakash Chopra.Brand new hand-made Stadiums, lighting and pitches that hypnotize you as you play.Experience the surge of serious cricket with Tournament designs like World Cup, Tri Series, ODIs, Ashes, Test Cricket and that's only the tip of the iceberg! Associate interactivity with live cricket and recreate constant matches in game with Hot Events.All new NPL, with barters and reasonable gameplayDynamic AI that scales as per your ability level. Unexpectedly - cricket grounds of various dimensions.All-new Career Mode!Advance your cricket venture as a player with humble beginnings, through homegrown, alliance and global matches. Play more than 400 matches, crossing 25 arrangement across 3 sections. Show your determination across designs as a quintessential player. Appreciate dazzling visual cutscenes that pass on your story logically at each stage.Make strategic choices in match determination, gear decisions, and capacity moves up to accomplish your objectives. 

Assemble and deal with your own team!Form your definitive group as a cricket crew chief, administrator, player, and coach.Player Upgrade Cards improve your individual Squad individuals across 18 disciplines.Create expert batsmen to trudge or settle an innings, decimating pacers or spinners, lightning fast defenders, and adaptable all-rounders.Customize your Squad with every new Jerseys and cosmetics.Simulate genuine cricket crews with name presets for local flavor. Deal with your players' Stamina and Focus levels.Exhilarating batting, bowling and handling simulation!All-new natural and liquid controls. Hit 360 degrees around the pitch with all-new batting shots and energizing new mechanics.Brand new Run, Sprint and Dive mechanics keep your adrenaline dashing. Add artfulness with unique conveyances that can annihilate the batting side. Defender controls unexpectedly! Make amazing jump stops, gets, immediate hits and athletic tosses. It's all in your hands!Customize your playstyle with different camera and control options.Manage your players' Stamina and Focus levels. 

Contend and ascend in the ranks!The League of Champs will test your abilities and set you in opposition to different players for incomparability. Rise and overcome an all new hypercompetitive leaderboard to guarantee more prominent rewards.Seasonal difficulties and ordinary challenges push you to more noteworthy statures of brilliance and give you amazingly engaging gaming meetings. All new movement through 50 epic Badges of legitimacy from "Defenseless" to "Genuine" that exhibit your ability to other players.Earn Platinum from testing new Daily Missions that push you to the limits.Win energizing drops and plunder in Kits evaluated through Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary!Face off against different parts in lumpy multiplayer modes for a definitive trial of skill.Get directly into the activity for an all encompassing versatile cricketing experience. How about we fabricate a spic and span cricket match-up that rushes, difficulties, and prizes you in the most ideal way!

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