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A New Cricket Game With Ice Stadium, Street Cricket, World Cup & Aisa Cup With High Graphics

Cricket with the M S Dhoni Untold Story! 

MS Dhoni the Movie Game is the authority round of the Bollywood film "Dhoni: The untold story" featuring Sushant Singh Rajput in the main job. It's a Free to play easygoing cricket match-up with simple to learn mechanics. 

- It's a piece of our effective cricket match-up Cricket Hungama 2016. 

- In this game we will play as Sushant Singh Rajput who is going about as Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the film, and playing through significant periods of his cricketing vocation. Not at all like other cricket match-ups this game will be centered completely around Mahendra Singh Dhoni's profession. 

- The object of the game is to score runs when at bat and to put out, or excuse, the contradicting batsmen when in the field. 

- It's a First since forever portable Cricket match-up on the planet to consolidate Manual wicket keeping and handling framework. 

Game Features: 

- Simple and Easy to learn Controls 

- Unique bowling repairman that is never been done in a cricket match-up. 

- Manual Catching framework 

- Story mode: Play through most vital matches of Dhoni's profession. 

- A unique computerized reasoning framework guarantees that no 2 matches are similar. 

- Semi-sensible craftsmanship style and Full HD 3D designs with reasonable movements 

- Multiple controls alternatives for batting for example Taps or Swipes 

- Upgrade: Upgrade your gear's to play better, quicker and more grounded 

- Multiple Modes like Champion, Challenges, Story, Wicket keeping, and so on 

- Leaderboards: Check where you remain among your companions and against the world. Be on top here to procure the boasting rights. 

- 10 top notch worldwide groups to browse! 

- TV Broadcast style cameras! 

- Hit the ball out of the Ground with Variety of shots like Helicopter Shot, Reverse Sweep, Square Cut, Paddle Shot and some more! 

- Achievements: Become the Conqueror by winning the Tournament without losing a match or accomplish indecency by dominating 25 matches in succession. Accomplishments assist you with acquiring the additional buck for your uncommon exhibition. 

- Player Profile: See your absolute number of wins, your position on the leaderboards, Win/misfortune Ratio, Total runs Scored, Total wickets taken, and so forth 

- User experience: Player has full power over group determination, batting and Bowling Order, Fielding presets, and so forth 

- HD Sound: Feel like you really playing before 1000s as they cheer your each move.

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