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Obligation at hand is a first-individual shooter computer game establishment distributed by Activision. Beginning in 2003, it initially centered around games set in World War II. Over the long run, the arrangement has seen games set amidst the Cold War, advanced universes, and space. The games were first evolved by Infinity Ward, at that point likewise by Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games. A few side project and handheld games were made by different engineers. The latest title, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, was delivered on November 13, 2020. 

The arrangement initially centered around the World War II setting, with Infinity Ward building up the initial (2003) and second (2005) titles in the arrangement and Treyarch building up the third (2006). Obligation at hand 4: Modern Warfare (2007) presented another, advanced setting, and end up being the advancement title for the arrangement, making the Modern Warfare sub-arrangement. The game's inheritance likewise impacted the production of a remastered form, delivered in 2016. Two different passages, Modern Warfare 2 (2009) and 3 (2011), were made. The sub-arrangement got a delicate reboot with Modern Warfare in 2019. Boundlessness Ward have additionally evolved two games outside of the Modern Warfare sub-arrangement, Ghosts (2013) and Infinite Warfare (2016). Treyarch made one final World War II-based game, World at War (2008), preceding delivering Black Ops (2010) and consequently making the Black Ops sub-arrangement. Four different passages, Black Ops II (2012), III (2015), 4 (2018), and Cold War (2020) were made, the last related to Raven Software. Heavy hammer Games, who were co-engineers for Modern Warfare 3, have likewise evolved two titles, Advanced Warfare (2014) and WWII (2017). 

As of May 2019, the arrangement has sold more than 300 million copies.With new games in the arrangement delivered every year to blockbuster-level deals, the arrangement is checked by the Guinness World Records as the top of the line first-individual shooter game arrangement. It is additionally the best computer game establishment made in the United States and the third most noteworthy earning computer game establishment ever. Different items in the establishment incorporate a line of activity figures planned by Plan B Toys, a game made by Upper Deck Company, Mega Bloks sets by Mega Brands, and a comic book miniseries distributed by WildStorm Productions. 

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Honorable obligation 2 is a first-individual shooter computer game and the spin-off of Call of Duty. It was created by Infinity Ward and distributed by Activision. The game is set during World War II and is capable through the viewpoints of officers in the Red Army, British Army, and United States Army. It was delivered on October 25, 2005 for Microsoft Windows, November 15, 2005 for the Xbox 360, and June 13, 2006, for Mac OS X. Different forms were made for cell phones, Pocket PCs, and cell phones. 

Obligation at hand: Modern Warfare 3 is a first-individual shooter computer game. It is the eighth portion of the Call of Duty arrangement and the third portion of the Modern Warfare curve. Because of a lawful debate between the game's distributer Activision and the previous co-chiefs of Infinity Ward – which caused a few lay-offs and takeoffs inside the organization Sledgehammer Games aided the improvement of the game, while Raven Software was acquired to roll out corrective improvements to the menus of the game.The game was said to have been being developed since just a short time after the arrival of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.Sledgehammer was focusing on a "bug free" first excursion in the Call of Duty establishment, and had additionally define an objective for Metacritic survey scores over 95 percent.

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